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Utility with 3D printed cast bronze fittings

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Here's another 3D printed piece with reforged file. Handle is black walnut. 


Jim Merola, a far more experienced knifemaker in NYC I have been hanging out with, gave some great feedback. I wasn't really digging my choice to use copper pins - he said he doesn't mind them, but would prefer no pins at all; the epoxy he (and now I) use will be a secure enough bond. I also like his suggestion of having the guard stick out a bit farther. He was not happy with my choice of wood... I really should be using something stabilized. He says in general my choice of handle materials don't match the quality of my work, and in some cases is a detriment to the value of the finished piece. Makes total sense, good advice.

Anyways, it seems like in two months or so I'll be trying to launch a crowdfunding campaign to drive down the price of 3D printed components by purchasing a SLS 3D printer. This knife, the "Chassis" knife http://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/42881-chassis-3d-printed-cast-bronze-liner-lock-with-w2-and-iron/ and the "Titan" knife (still under construction) will all be part of the campaign, so all critique is appreciated since it helps me better the design.


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I really like:

The general shape and form of this piece. The fittings are really well done and I don't mind the copper pins at all, but can understand how some folks would hate them. The handle shape looks comfortable and well executed.

The general fit and finish looks good, although I don't see a pic of the blade against the guard, so the jury is still out on that.

I don't like:

The choice of wood. There are so many better woods, stabilized or otherwise, that would have really made this handle an eye popper. For the next one, try a stabilized burl from K&G Supplies, or Jantz, or half a dozen other knife supplies vendors. A decent looking stabilized burl block will only set you back about $30.

The lack of a ricasso on the blade. Someone who buys this knife is eventually going to try and sharpen that edge and end up grinding the stone or steel into that beautiful cast fitting you worked so hard to achieve. Not a great design feature.

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I like it Theo then again I like all your knives. The pins are okay but don't fit the cast furniture. They're little roundish bumps in a basket of clean square/angular material. Perhaps diamond pins, something that fits the theme would look better.

The wood looks nice, I like the brain and texture maybe a red stain? There are a lot of really flashy woods that would look great. I assume you have this rendered on computer, yes? Experiment with woods till you find one that really sets it off.

I have some Myrtle I was going to use for handles but never did. It has a very chatoyant grain like tiger eye. I can't think of the fellow selling it in S.W. Oregon I believe along the coast. I see places selling it with an online search. I'm not selling the stuff, it's just a flashy thought.

Frosty The Lucky.

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