80CrV2 integral bowie with black walnut and ebony

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Had a lot of fun forging this one. The sketch started off as a pretty aggressive blade...


... then I picked up this quickie repair of a fellas grandfather's WWII knife where the pommel had come off (also repolished and sharpened the blade a bit)...


...which made the steel change it's mind in the middle of the forging process...


...and all of a sudden it's a totally different blade. 


Thankfully the customer loved it, and I got off the hook for taking artistic merit to the extreme. Still applying oil to the handle, was too eager to show off haha. 

Should have drawn a longer tang to get more curls out of the pommel (I rounded off that point). The black walnut came from a downed tree that was properly cut and seasoned, but unfortunately my cuts came from the surface and had inconsistent/spotty coloration; light brown, reddish in spots, small blotches of black. I need to practice choil and plunge lines... I'm thinking of leaving a little more meat to grind instead of forging to shape.

Comment and critique always appreciated,


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Theo, your integral guard is awesome! I love it that you always push the borders of normalcy. 


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