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Been looking for an anvil @ 100#

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Lots of good ol' farrier anvils @‌ $300. There is a Delta Future anvil advertised and I am wondering about the longevity (durability). I talked with one smith and he said that there were problems with the base working loose? Now, he does have a couple of those $300 anvils for sale so I figured I'd check and see if anyone has had any problems. Also, any idea about how long they have been around?


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Light duty blacksmithing. Some knives, small ornamental pieces, assorted hardies and tongs, maybe a spring for a post vise and a small hatchet from a ball peen. I can handle a 3# hammer but I am on the far side of middle age so that might drop a bit. Also some demos down the line. I'm not to concerned about 'period correct' as I can always spray paint the base.

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I really want to look at a Delta anvil and play with one.
Any idea how the base is connected to the top plate?

I have heard there is a gasket between the 2 halves so that would make me think there are bolts etc that screw the bottom onto the top. If that were the case then the top and bottom becoming loose wouldn't be an issue.

I really want to build a striking anvil face out of 5160 and then a large cast base from a high grade aluminum, it would give me the size of about a 700# sawyers block, but at less than 1/2 the weight. I'm just wondering if the base will absorb to much of the force.

Please keep us updated if you get one of these as to the results.

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