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Handle design

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I'm putting a handle on a seax I "made". The handle tapers from wide at the blade end, to narrow at the pommel end.

Is that called a reverse taper?


I'll gladly post pictures when I'm done. But here is what I'm making for anyone interested. 

13cm blade, 13cm handle. Knife not forged! It's a cheap kitchen knife I cut in half to give it the looks of a Viking era broke back seax. I removed the plastic handle and cut the hollow tang down to a whittle tang. (I did use heat to straighten the tang, so I guess there was a little forging) Birch handle 3cm X 2cm at the blade, 2cm X 2cm at the pommel end. I'll be adding a plain bolster, because I drilled a large ugly hole for the tang to slide in to.

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