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Made a striking anvil and axe handle drift

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I thought you guys might like to see these. I just finished up the striking anvil this afternoon. The small hole is the size of the hardie hole in may anvil and the bigger one is for making flatters and things like that. The block with the holes in it is 4" X 2.25" X 14" and the plate it's mounted to is 16" X 17" X 1.5".  I weighed it when I was done and it weighs right at 190lbs. I cut a hole in the edge of the plate to match my axe handle drift so I don't have to use my vise anymore.   The axe handle drift was a piece of 2" semi axel that forged out to the shape I wanted. I've used it to make one axe and it worked out great. Hope you guys like the pictures.




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I marked them out square, drilled the four corners with a small bit, and then drilled the center to the size hole I wanted. After that I took the torch and cleaned out the corners and then finished them with a die grinder and a carbide bit.

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