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New problem with my Little Giant

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We have to have pics. Unjammed ready to work and cammed over or jammed or whatever. Shots of the clutch and clutch arm in both positions. A text description isn't going to do it at all.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Checking the linkage from treadle to clutch is so simple that you must have done that or you would have mentioned it.  LG's have very light easily damaged linkage rods between the two.  You know that there is supposed to be a return spring on the clutch yoke?

How smooth does the spider slide on the main shaft?  If it's sticky there could be several sources of the problem.  Most probably is that a mechanical hammer should be DRIPPING with oil.  Oil every point before use and every hour during heavy use.  Yes it's messy, yes it throws oil all over, neat freaks hate machines that drip oil, but that's how they were made to run.

Bottom line we need more info.

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"Three items need to be looked at on the friction pulley. Generally only one is in bad shape.  The first is the center bearing babbitt that lines the pulley.  The constant pull of the belt and rubbing on the shaft have probably worn the hole oversize causing a significant rattle or vibration to be present.  An oversize hole will also affect the clutch action."  This is a quote from Kern.  I am leaning towards this because sometimes I get a rattle that comes and goes as well.

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