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Some more razors in O2 steel

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Here are some of the razors in O2 tool steel. I have tried several types of steel, and imo, for razors, O2 is the best, bar none. Heat treating it is fool proof, and it doesn't ever warp during quench. It has so much manganese that it never fails to harden. It takes a very fine edge, and polishes up nicely. It also behaves well on the hones.

I just picked a couple of different designs to give you an idea of some of the things I've made.

The scales are almost always kirinite. I love it for scales. It is easy to work, hard enough, takes a nice sheen when buffed, and doesn't release solvent smell when sanding. It also doesn't release such hazardous dust as G10 for example.









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This one is also O2, but etched after heat treatment. The inserts are 316 forgewelded in place. Not all the welds took fully, but they are peened so tight it makes no difference. I protected the bevel with nail polish during etching. At the time, I freehanded the nail polish :) causing a not so great appearance. These days I use masking tape when applying the nail polish, so that it is a tight line.


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Thanks. Although looking back at those pics, I would have done some things different. These days I have all but stopped using tool steel and only use laminated steels or wootz. I can only make a couple per month, and I prefer spending my time making things with patterns.

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