How do I make a hardy Hole in a home made anvil?

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So I had the idea of fabbing a standalone hardy socket that will temporarily fasten to either side of my anvil as needed. Im also using a RR track anvil but definitely don't want to go to the trouble of milling the hardy into the anvil. I figure the main purpose the hardy hole serves is to hold whichever tool you're using steady, so if I use flat stock to offset the striking portion of the tool over the anvil face, i should be good... right? I'll be working on it this week, need to make a fullering tool for a new sword project. I'll post pics to follow up on how it turns out!

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I went to the scrap yard and picked up a 50# plate with 2 1" sq holes in it---looked to have come from a bulldozer.  HAd to pay US$10 for it. Why does  your hardy hole have to be part of your anvil?

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