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Patternwelded "Bronze Beast" Liner Lock & San-mai Razor

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The past couple of months have been nothing but endless work... which just paid off. Wrapped up these two commissions just a couple weeks ahead of the deadline. Also was "promoted" to manager at the day job - hurrah for extra stress. 

First is a liner lock with a solid 3D printed bronze "chassis". I designed it with internal pockets to reduce weight, but next time I think I'll go even more skeletal. This client requested a beefy handle, so this guy is .8" thick - I call him the "Bronze Beast". I have yet to weigh it, but to me it feels as if I'm holding a full tang. 4.25" handle, 3.25" blade, blade 5/32" thick. 

I was not smart with this commission; I was so eager to make a fantastic blade I charged him for monosteel and pretty much took a loss on the project. Thankfully, looks like he's getting another blade after this one, so I'll make it work. 


Here's a lil video https://vine.co/v/eAZurVbO7F3

Second knife is a friction folder razor. Fella intends to use it, but also wanted something pretty. Ended up using a W2 core with left over 1080 and 1050 shell. Jigged bone, translucent G10, and brass pins.20150517_104610-01.thumb.jpeg.249755591820150517_104641-01.thumb.jpeg.1dc486b3af20150517_104829-01.thumb.jpeg.d1337faf2420150517_104749-01.thumb.jpeg.141d8bb541

Here's some making-of stuff


Comments and critique encouraged :)


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More eye candy Theo. Naughty naughty not charging enough! No cookie for you sit in a corner for 5 minutes and contemplate your mistake!

I love the contrast in the Beast's blade simple and vivid. About the only thing I (the non-bladesmith guy) would do differently would maybe melt or slump glass in the drilled holes in the handle. Might be a bad idea but maybe worth an experiment to see how it looks. So, okay I would've experimented NOT committed it to that knife.

Deb won't let me shave, even in summer so straight razors are. . . <sigh>

Nice stuff as always, thanks for the glimpse. Bummer about being PRO?moted to . . . MANAGEMENT! <gasp>

Frosty The Lucky.

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I was thinking that Deb probbably isn't so bush as to not shave her legs...


Mother of purel insted of glass?

with a straight razor? Charles you got to stop smoking that grass! Especially if it has been preprocessed by a horse:P

Those are nice blades and whatever was charged it was probably too little.

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  • 4 weeks later...

ah, the smell of horse $&!? In the morning!

I love the smell of most anything horse. I've picked a couple hooves that were pretty nasty though but that was rare.

Now I think about it I think I'll buy a nice saddle blanket and trade for a sweaty one.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Wife making you sleep on the floor again?

Oddly enough I'm allowed in bed so long as I don't disturb Baxter too much he gets all grumbly. Dachshunds don't like waking up.

The smell of horse just brings back good memories and if I were to swap for a freshly sweaty one now and then . . . Heck, Deb loves horses and probably wouldn't make me sleep in it on the floor.

I wonder what a saddle blanket costs. Hmmmm.

Frosty The Lucky.

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