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New 700 lb Fisher anvil added to the Fisher & Norris Factory Museum.  This anvil is on loan from a friend who saved it from being scrapped.  With the stand, total weight is 840 lb.  IMG_20150507_083003042.thumb.jpg.56c54c9

The anvil was cast sometime in the 1920's.  The final digit was stamped in to indicate it was sold in 1926.  This was for the one year warranty that Fisher offered on its anvils.  This is the second FISHER anvil I have that has this kind of dating with a stamped final digit.  IMG_20150507_082604766.thumb.jpg.66d009b

Here is the original Fisher pattern that made the mold for this anvil.  It is always interesting to put the pattern and a finished anvil back together after 90 years.All of the seams and irregularities match exactly from the pattern to the anvil.


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The anvil got used, but probably just for straightening stock and occasional smithing.  The anvil is in very good shape.  It had sat in my friends garage for many years, and he wanted to get it out for people to see.  It will remain in the museum as long as I want it or till he wants it back.

I am always amazed to put a pattern with a finished product.  This pattern also made the 700 that I own, shown in my IFI logo at left.  My anvil was made in the 1950's or 1960's with the same pattern.

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Greetings Josh,

We do not thank you enough for you knowledge and input .. Your interest in preserving history of our trade has benefited all of us.  May it continue for decades.. 

Forge on and make beautiful things


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Thank you Jim.  I am currently adding new displays to the museum.  Check them out on FB at Fisher & Norris Factory Museum Page.

One of these days you and any else should make a pilgrimage to NJ to visit.  Its only a 12 hour drive from Cadillac.....I have lots of space for camping, and can put up at least one in our guest bedroom. 

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