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Hey all. Here's the scranton and co hammer I got. It was actually a lot easier to move than I had thought. As you can see she is standing in the shop and is in need of a foundation. I think I've got a good handled on that. However I have a few questions on making sure she is up and running right. 

First I'd really like to know how much play I'm allowed to have in the shaft bearings and the head guides. The bearing caps seem to be able to be tightened to take out play. Same with the head guide mounts. 

What oil should I use for the bearings and what grease should be used on the head guides. The electric motor also has oil ports, is there a special oil for the motor? 

The hammer head looks like its twisted and i know it needs new belts but am not sure how to fix those. There is also a weld on ends of the springs. The appear to be broke so I'm not sure as to there intent.  

There is 4 holes in the frame for the electric motor to mount. One is striped and really close to the frame and it concerns me. If it's fine where its at, can I helicoil the hole?

If there are any other things you can tell me or give me advice on, I'm all ears. 













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