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Hey guys!

Started dabbling in smithing a couple of months ago and have really taken a liking to it. Unfortunately, I havn't found any local resource, save for one very helpful fellow named Barney in North Bay.

If there's anyone in Sudbury with experience, or just wanting to play around, let me know! If I can find enough people interested, I wouldn't mind having a sort of tong exchange meeting or something so we can all help each other out.

I'd like to learn to forge weld, but am having no luck on my own...not sure if it's my set up, or what I'm doing wrong, so if anyone has any experience with this, drop me a message!

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Welcome aboard Phenius, glad to have you. I'm sure some of the guys in your neighborhood will speak up soon as they notice you posting.

Yes the reason your welds aren't working is you're doing something wrong. I'd be more than happy to tell you what and what to do about but I'm not there. Virtually anything that keeps a weld from taking is operator error even though nobody may be able to tell what. Don't worry forge welding isn't hard, it's a matter of following the steps. There is a LOT written about forge welding here, I believe it has it's own sub section on Iforge.

Your main question is on the right track you want to get hooked up with others, especially an experienced smith. You'll learn more in an hour with an experienced smith than days of trying to figure it out yourself. The guys are around, it's just a matter of getting their attention.

Frosty The Lucky.

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