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Planer Blades - a use for Steel I cannot heat treat (M2)

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I posted a message (here on I Forge Iron) asking for some insight when I was given some "to be discarded" wood planer blades.

The responses were very helpful and encouraging.

Since I cannot heat treat the metal (that seems to have been) used to make these blades, I have started making some quick little project knives to help me learn more about knife making and working with hardened steel.

So far I have made two little knife like objects that are both even useful.

The planer Blades are approximately 12.5 inches x 0.75 inches x 0.06 inches.

The blades a laminated M2 Steel. As I understand so far, M2 steel is more hard than it is tough so I will avoid using it for applications requiring impact resistance -- or where failure is likely to lead to injury or death.






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