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I Forge Iron

Another Round at Swapmeet Today!

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The rollers look like the ones for a Harbor Freight Hossfeld type bender.

The flat bars are plated, so if you want to forge them you will want to remove the plating first.

The bearings have multiple uses. I have buckets of them from places I have worked. Many times they were tossed because the machinery was being completely rebuilt, and it didn't matter if they were not that old. I just got a couple of high precision angular contact bearings that are 2 months old, and run $300-and they are only 1.340" in diameter. I am thinking for a wind vane. 

You are getting quite the pile of stuff, now you need to start making something.

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Tomorrow Im off...I plan to make heads and tails of it all.....

If I'm not fighting with the "GF" over some issues..:)

Seems how it all started!

The rollers came from the same Machinist Guy that sells at the swap meet...HE HAS SO MUCH STUFF! So I make it a point to swing by and buy. He throws me a piece here and there...nice guy..

Wind Vane! Didn't even consider that! hmmm

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