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Floor Sweep finish

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I had not seen this done before so I gave it a try.


we use floor sweep to keep dust down when we sweep the concrete shop floor ,it is made of a mix of saw dust and oil and works well for its intended task.IMG_1358.thumb.JPG.7425321be62806003ab34

Last week I got to wondering if it would work for putting a oil finish on parts so I gave it a try today.

I wire brushed one side of a new RR spike and then brought it up to a black heat in a gas forge. I them dropped it in a pan of this stuff and shook it around like I was putting corn meal on fish to fry. the spike was hot enough to smoke and sizzle.  After shaking it for a few seconds I just set it down and walked away for a 1/2 hour or so.




here is how it came out compared to a RR spike prepped the same way.




The lighting in my shop does not do it Justice. the finish is a fairly consistent black and after hand wire brushing does not rub off. 

Your Mileage May Very




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Great idea - although I would be careful of the potential for fires with sawdust, oil and hot iron - at least bears monitoring.

I used to tumble parts in a mix of blasting sand with linseed oil mixed into the media.  Worked pretty well to clean off all the loose scale while coating evenly at the same time.  The only problem was that every piece had to be hand wiped to remove remnants of sand.

Did the sawdust stick to the parts or come away cleanly?

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The sawdust will catch fire and does smoke ALOT. Must be done in a well vented area!

what was left on the parts brushed off by hand in just a few strokes

i will post more tomorrow 




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I have read about the sawdust and boiled linseed oil mix for floors before.  As suggested it is a flammable mix and care should be taken in both use and storage. 


In a tumbler, the use of sand and boiled linseed oil works well in both cleaning the parts, applying an oil finish, and keeping the dust down.

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