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Brown and Sharpe hydro unit

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    I have a old Matthews indent-A-Mark roll marker that has a Brown and Sharpe, Double A, CircuitCenter hydraulic power unit.  The unit has a 3 phase 7.5 hp baldor motor but I cannot find a tag on the hydraulic motor.



the serial # is 84L-34195-4

the model# is T20P



I'm trying to find out the output of the motor to see if its a candidate for a press for Damascus.


Matthews discontinued the line around 10 years ago

Double A was bought by Vickers and then by Eaton and my short search for B&S has not turned up anything yet.


Do any of you know anything about these power units off the top of your heads?



Thank you






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Anything made and sold by Brown and Sharp would have been very well engineered. You can determine the output roughly from the hp of the motor and the output diameter of the pump. Note I said outlet not inlet.Nothing can be determined by the inlet.


In other words,  assuming you can run a 3 phase 7.5 hp motor, you have a good existing power pack. If not, you have the specs for you replacement motor on your existing motor. 

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Thank you Arftist,


   I will measure the output Dia tomorrow.


I have had 3 of these stamping units over the last 25 years, I think I bought the last one that Matthews made about 10 years ago.  This unit came from a used machine dealer about 5 years ago but it has now been replaced with a dot peen diamond stylus setup. 


In operation one ram would rapid down until the stencil head contacted the part to be marked, then apply a set amount of pressure.  When the head reached the preset pressure a second ram would push the head to the left, rolling the part to be stamped that was resting in a cradle made of roller bearings.  At a preset distance to the left the both rams would retract to their home position.


I think it put out 5000# of down force on the stencils and it was FAST.  it could come down, pressure up, roll 3 linear inches of marking on a part and return to home in about 3/4 of a second.  the home position of the head had to be between 1/8" to 1" above the part to be marked 




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