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What to aim for in a forging press?

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Hi Folks,

give me a little time, Andrew talked already to me and I`m going to make some pics of my press, hopefully this weekend. I´m giving bladeforging classes and I´m completely booked out, so my free time is very less, but I already started on some documentation on my press.

If somebody has defined questions, mail me your phone # I will give you a call during the afternoon in US (I call from Germany) Nighttime is easier for me to find some spare time....


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Thanks. Yeah the main problem I am facing is the control bank. They are either all 3/4" or all 1/2" ports, not a combination of both like the northern tool ones. If I bought a control bank with 3/4" ports would it be worth reducing the high pressure ports down to 1/2"? Why is 1/2" used? Does 3/4" take more fluid to fill and therefore more fluid to build up pressure which equals a slower ram speed? Or am I looking at it wrong?


Also can a detent control valve really be used for forging press? From what I have been reading the detent feature automatically retracts the ram it's full stroke as soon as the lever is moved into the "up" position? How does this work and is there a way bypass it and use it like a normal spring centered valve without detent?





​Look for a spring return control valve with an open center.  The spring return makes it so if the lever isn't being held out of its center position, it returns to neutral, closing off the work ports of the control valve.  Open center means that the fluid is still flowing through the control valve, just not going through the work ports.  Since the motor will be continuously running and turning the pump, the fluid will need a place to go (back to the tank).

As for the control valve inlet/outlet sizing it would probably depend on what size pump (gpm) you are using more than anything.  Batson's book has a breakdown of the plumbing sizes you should use and I'd go by that.  You could always go with the bigger ports and reduce if you feel it is necessary.  It would allow you to change your mind later if you went with a bigger pump that didn't exceed the control valve's rating.

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What sort of clearance would you guys recommend to have between the guide plates and the RHS frame? Almost finished planning and designing the press frame, just a few more things to sort out then it's time to build.

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