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Co worker gave me an auger tooth he found. I made a hot cut out of it. My first attempt at forge welding was to get those pegs together and I think it came out pretty good. Tapered the edge, and heat treated in oil. Works good so far, fits better on a diagonal.


I haven't  posted much lately but I have been in the process of building a shop. I basically got it built just laying out the inside now. You can kind of see my forge that I just got finished in one of those pics. Just rigged a dimmer switch to the fan this week. One day soon I'll have to post some pics of the forge and my new shop.


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Member Kette commented on the pic in my gallery about the hot cut possibly damaging the hardy hole by using it diagonally. Should I try to upset it more at the base and try to make fit the entire hardy better or sit flatter on the anvil? When I insert it in at 90 degrees its just a little too narrow and has alot of slop.  I used it, and it cuts just fine and wasn't hard to make, but I dont want to damage my anvil in the long run. Any advice would be appreciated.

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