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Post leg vise clean up

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Get a large cup of coffee, comfortable chair and look up the Vise Forum here on IFI.  You will find all the answers to your question on use, care of and repair too vises you will ever  need and learn a whole lot from people who have already done it. (in many cases multiple times)

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Welcome aboard Alan, glad to have you. While you're reading the vise section of IFI maybe take a look at the introduction section and see how many times I've had to bug new folk about including their general location in the header.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Scratch the vinager just wire brush good and linseed it put back together and use.

Just curious, why avoid the vinegar? 

I would go farther and suggest a much stronger acid, such as oxalic, muriatic or phospheric, but even vinegar would be better than nothing. 


I personally use phospheric acid as a prep agent for steel, it is cheap, safe and works very well.


Also, boiled linseed, not plain. 

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