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I Forge Iron

Lets see the swords that you have made.....


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I would love to see the swords that members of IFI have made.


   Short swords , long swords, ground swords or forged swords.


   Viking , Indian, Japanese, Chinese, celtic , European or American, Fantasy or Klingon, wall hangers , cutting swords , blunts and sharps , dress swords or heirlooms.  Tactical or historical remakes.

 Great successes or dire failures, swords in pieces or the sword reforged. inky binky little swords or ...dare I say it Great Big Swords.


 One handed and Hand  and a half  swords or two handed even Bastard swords.


   Iron, Bronze ,Mild steel, Mono Steel, Damascus , Patternweld. crucible steel. Wootz, Bulat , Bloomery steel or Tamahagane, Mithril or Valarien steel .....Wooden Or vorpal.



Guards or handles you have put on other peoples sword blades.... or blades you have made for other peoples handles.


Finished swords or swords in progress, or discarded projects.



They say the Pen (or more appropriately the keyboard) is mightier than the sword....Here in the sword section I would respectfully disagree....


 Lets see some of those swords.

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First, the "Big Giant Swords" is a joke.  I have a knot on my forhead from the facepalm.  :blink: First, a few months back on another message board a guy was soliciting "customers" to do the show.  It was just a gimmick.  The guy is a hack and doesn't deserve the title "Blade maker". 

Now, show  a sword.  This is my only attempt at a sword.  I made this for a preacher who also does tours to Israel.  The handle is olive from Israel.  I wanted to do a gladius because this is the sword that the Bible is referencing.  It was forged from 1095.


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Been holding off selling till I got better at this so I still have most of mine, a few have left home... 8 of these are pattern welded to some degree


and to your far right is the first thing I ever forged, a short sword! hehe  ;)


post-7005-0-26588100-1421619700_thumb.jp Lets see those swords!

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I've done three swords. The 2nd-4th pics are of the test piece I made, and then finished for my father-in-law.  That blade was pretty good I swung it full force into a 6" shaft of steel and it nicked the shaft, but I couldn't find where I had hit the blade, still sharp, no flat on the blade, I was pleased... The pics 1, 5-7 are of the sword I forged for one of my best friend's son's wedding, which I did as a demo "sword Forging for dummies with power hammers" the last pic is at the end of the forging demo, You might notice the finished sword is a little bit shorter than the blank I forged out on the power hammer...  I trimmed a wobble off the end of the blade, and then after hardening I broke the sword bladed dirk off of the end of the sword, you can see the dirk blade in the top of the ax target in pic 1 and on the table next to the sword in pic 6... Duhhh.   I think I did both those swords in 2007. I don't have any pics of the 3rd sword which I worked on for Jim's younger son's wedding in 2013???  If my son makes it to Eagle Scout I will be making another one... if not before... I waited almost 20years before I did my first sword, lots of axes, spears, and knives, but I had too much respect for a sword to bugger it up too badly;-)  All of the blades have a distal taper and a diamond cross section, and were forged to shape and finish ground before hardening and tempering and regrinding.








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Good to see those swords, thanks for posting.  Good to see peoples different takes on the subject.

It realy does help to have some work to put to peoples names to as well.


SoCal Dave, I have not seen that show and It doesn't sound like I'll watch it. Ill probably be happier in my ignorance of it.


here is one of my swords

 A hybrid messer /house sword made for a western martial arts instructor in the UK. He named it Dusk......






keep those long and pointy  bits of steel coming.


Does anybody make Civil War or War of independence swords?

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I would be interested if anybody has made any swords from any place or period. But I guess I was alluding to the American wars


Part of the reason I like Making Saxon  and Viking stuff is that it draws me back to the past in the place where I live .

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I would recommend finishing swords as soon as you can after starting them . I probably have between 10 and 20 sword blades (quite a few patternwelded}  that were started and  then left at some stage of unfinished . Some will be returned to but some have been discarded over time as what I want from a sword has changed over the years.

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Only 20 Owen?

Indeed...complete the project or they will taunt you.


Probably not more than that as unfinished sword blades , a few finished blades a quizilian knives /axes/etc in states of disregard.... I had a cull and cast a few sword blades into my power hammer block when I installed it, and I scrap stuff now!!!
Experimentation and progression often leave a trail of failures in their wake.

Perhaps he is thinking of building a throne from them...

never done that ...... but I did make a "fence of the fallen" for a Merlin garden at the chelsea flower show, swords spears axes all melted together.

pre digital age so I have no piccie to hand.....
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