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One of the companies I work with is cleaning out their maintenance department and they offered to give me a very lightly used torch setup.  It doesn't have the tanks or torch tip but everything else looks to be in very good condition.  It has two regulators, very long hoses, two flashback arrestors, goggles, large cart, and two different style torches.  The whole setup has been sitting in their storage room for several years.  It sounds like it was only used a handfull of times at the most.  I believe it was originally connected to oxy/acetalyne tanks.


I am hoping to use it with oxy/propane.  I know that I need to get a propane tip for the torch but are there other considerations I need to look at with using this setup with propane?


I will be using the torch mainly for localized heating and maybe for cutting everyone once in a while.  I doubt I will ever use it for welding as I have a mig and can forge weld.  








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Inspect the hoses carefully.  If they have been sitting around for a number of years, it is probably a good idea to replace them with brand new.  Hoses are the most inexpensive part of the kit, and a failure can be anything from wasteful of expensive gases to catastrophic.

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Hey Ninjanvilman, 


I just picked up the torch today.  The hoses were grade T but they are pretty old.  I will be getting some new hoses shortly.  Thanks for the tip. 


Now I just have to find some tanks.  I am thinking about getting a 40lb propane tank from Tractor supply and then trying to find a used oxy tank and get it inspected.  There are a few on craigslist right now.  

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The saga continues, 


I have new hoses and everything hooked up.  


After talking to Harris it sounds like I probably need to get a new torch and handle.  The handle from the original set was missing and the torch has been discontinued for many years now.  I am looking at getting a Harris 50 10 Automatic Medium Duty Welding Cutting Brazing Torch Handle.  Am I going to be limited by getting a Medium duty torch over a heavy duty one.  I doubt I would every want to cut anything bigger than 3" but you never know.  I really like the on off gas saver feature of this torch since I will mainly be using it to do isolated heating for rivets and such and there will probably be lots of on and off cycles on the torch during forging.


After looking at all of the options for torches I am a little confused.  Can you get away with using a cutting torch with different tips for most jobs or do you end up needing seperate brazing and rosebud torches?  

Any input or suggestings would be greatly appreciated.  

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I use a heavy preheat 2 piece cutting tip for all my heating and a medium preheat for most cutting. Unless you are preheating a really big job that's about all you need.




gearing up for 3 inch+ cutting is overkill unless someone is paying for your oxy bottles.

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I thought you guys might want to see the final setup.  I have been using a medium sized brazing rosebud and it has really made setting rivets, twisting and bends MUCH quicker.  This is probably gonig to end up being the most used tool I have aside from the standard blackmith tools.  I ended up also getting a gas saver, which is great if you are turning the torch on and off constantly between forging.  I built a stand for gas saver this weekend from some scrap yard steel ($9 in total :)).  


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Intrex, did you get a Gas Saver made specially for Propane ? Was it more expensive than one for Acetylene ?

I have asked about one described as for use by Oxy-Acetylene if it would work with Propane and 2 suppliers said NO.

Sorry about ressurecting this old thread,but I want to be safe where fuel gas is concerned.

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Hey David, 

Sorry for the delay in response.  I can't find my receipt but I am pretty sure this one was specifically made for propane and it was about $130 if I remember correctly.  I was pretty meticulous about making sure all components were specifically for propane or rated for both.  I have a friend who spent several months in the hospital from 3rd degree burns due an acetylene tank accident and it isn't something I was willing to take any chances with. 

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