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Introduction to Knifemaking

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This project started as a request for a rewrite of the knife chat series from 2009 through 2013.  The result is "Introduction to Knifemaking"  A 6 x 9 inch format soft bound book, with 212 pages and over 100 black and white illustrations and photo's.  The list price for this book is $29.99 plus $6.50 shipping/handling to the US. That is a total of $36.49

This second edition includes a partial rewrite of a few lines that were vague, and corrected some typos. Also hard cover is available for a cost of $47.99 plus shipping.

The paypal account is slsells AT fenrisforge DOT com  ( you should know what to replace here )

Non US Postage as of Dec 2016

Priority post has been taking 3 business days to deliver, and has tracking.  First Class has neither tracking or speed, but in some cases can save money, in other cases, not so much.

South Africa -- US postage fee is 62.50 for a flat rate priority.

Canada , Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands. Spain, Switzerland and Australia --- Contact Lulu press  in your country for their pricing,  Much better than having to pay $60 US for post.

Australia for example is $42.73 soft cover plus 7.99 ground shipping to NSW.

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Third printing is now ready to send out.  I never expected this response, I am flattered.  I want to thank every one that has purchased these already,  IforgeIron is getting a percentage from every book sold, meaning every one purchasing through this forum is also helping to keep the forum onllne. While the publisher and Amazon are both selling this book through their respective outlets, as well as at least 2 (that I know of) other stores, the best pricing for everyone is through the IFI website.

Notice postage costs for non-US orders has more than doubled since last year, I am sorry but its the post office, not me that caused this increase.


thank you again.


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Maybe you should have church ladies turn the pages a few times so the "new" books will then be "used" and you can get the higher price. (grin) Maybe even offer them a percentage of the difference donated to the church.

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