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Seasons greetings to everyone. These knives were delivered in the past week to clients. The pressure was a killer as I've never had this many to get out at once. This on top of other ironwork in the shop that needed to be completed. I'm pretty much out of billets and am anxious to get started on more. I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for looking.







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  Hope you made a good $/hr on them.

If I took that into consideration, I'd probably drink more scotch than I do. Wayne Coe said to me a long time ago that if I didn't want to make damascus knives, I should never make the first one.

It was/is sage advice. It's an irreversible slippery slope to the dark side. I love it !

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I would like some info on the handles, and mosaic pins.

The first is dyed and stabilized amboyna burl. The second, a gyuto is dyed and stabilized mango. A santoku is next and the handle is stabilized maple burl with ebony bolsters. The twin feathers are maple/ebony combos, and the utility is dyed and stabilized maple burl. All were stabilized in Cactus juice in a pressure pot and were done by George House and Barry Minkoff. The pins are from Sally Martin in southern Or. you can Google her. They run about $25./ft. Hope this helps.


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