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I Forge Iron

Asking for prayes for a man who didn't need to be my Dad, and to whom I can only hope to mesure up to.

Charles R. Stevens

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I'm a stepfather and it was not an easy time as I raised two battered kids through their adolescence.
It was all worth it when as an adult my Stepdaughter told my wife she was looking for a husband that would treat her like I treated her mother...I can only pray that I was enough of a role model to break the cycle.

Still keeping your father in my prayers.

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Thanks TP, not only am I a stepson (but I was always "his kid" righ or wrong) i'm a step father as well. Two daughters as well. We chose to love them. We arnt "stuck with them. Men like you and my Dad deserve metals.
As you well know with ADD and Type II bypolor illness being may dad has been/is a chalange.

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Well, i was wrong. They kicked dad out if the hospital. And despite the fact he was only 48 hours post op he made good time walking the 100 yards to the truck (suprised me the nurses let him) still unconfortable, little or no apitite (the discarge papers acualy menchend that it may take up to two weeks) not that he (and I) couldnt stand to loose 10 or twenty pounds. Now if we can keep him from doing any thing stupid for the next month and a half, and the biopsy comes back negitive, looks like we are in the clear.

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