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I Forge Iron

Asking for prayes for a man who didn't need to be my Dad, and to whom I can only hope to mesure up to.

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My Dad went in to have a persistent cough checked out, after being lectured for not having the pneumonia treated that has left scar tissue in his lungs, the dock sent him to have a suspicious shadow checked out.
Turns out to be a walnut sized tumer. 98% chance it is benign, but to be sure they have to take it out, and as it is in the center of his kidney they will be removing his kidney the second week of January.


Luckily I have an old and dear friend that is a Nephroligest and he concurs with the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan.


Ladies and gentlemen I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and prayers. .

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Your pops is a very wise man it sounds like Charles. As panic never solves anything other than feeds others anxiety an fears. He took on being your pops cuz he loves you all.

When ever one brings forth a prayer request. Jesus acknowledges such calls for healing. An I truly believe his hands are placed upon those whom prayers are requesting such healings.
After a brief prayer this morning. As being the birth of Christ. I think your pops will be just fine, as the power of prayer is our Hope. As well as a window into our Souls,,, With Prayers, Ty

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Thank you 2CC

With respect to Glenn's wishes, and all our brothers and sisters beliefs, pleas IM me if you wish to openly reveal the face of The God(s) that you know. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers from any quarter, but I do not want any heart or hard feelings to come of my request for aid.

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Brother Charles,


The Good Lord does not take those that have not finished his work here on earth ! Many times we are tried by the Evil of this World, and things that are Not of this world to put our Faith through the Fire & Forge. Remember just as the steel we work in the physical fire & forge here on earth our Faith, Beliefs, Souls, and Love for Christ, is put through the the Test by the evil's fire and forge to see if we will break down .


You and Your Family are Lifted Up unto the Lord Jesus Christ this day in Prayer and shall be until this passes for the better and your Father is Healed in the Name of Christ. Amen !


Your Brother In Christ


Ret, Sgt. Robert Yates

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Thank you Sgt. Yeats, I have always imagined it is much like the act of forging a chisel (a tool a carpenters son would be all to familiar).
On must first select the raw materials, then heat and forge them to a usuable shape (rather tramatic from the steels point of veiw). Then again in to the fire to be quenched and made hard. As wee are now to hard and britle to be of any use we must be gently heated to temper that hardness. Now to be grount, handled and sharpend and lovingly used untile ise and resharpining has made us again unfit for use. Again we find areself adrift with out a handle, thrown once again in to the fire to be remade in to a finer, more refined chisel...

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