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I Forge Iron

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I have had a stockpile of old 90's computers sitting around for years and recently have taken interest in deplating the components for gold retrieval.  I've watched a few videos on the internet on doing it using various acids, which were very helpful, but I was curious if any of you were doing this and had any helpful methods for doing it.



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 I vote for the spirit of specialization. However you might want to know where the company recovering the gold is doing so, some countries just have peasants burning the plastic out and let them and the village absorb the toxins.


About the jewelry angle. Back when a 386 was a HOT machine I thought it'd be fun to collect a bunch of CPU Chips to make an abacus. That was long before the Y2K scare but it would've been perfect. I never knew how much before my time I was. Go figure.


Frosty The Lucky.

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