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Christmas present - bottle opener/corkscrew

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Hey guys,


after a longer time am back with an new project. Its my first corkscrew that i´ve ever made. Before i start, its necessary to say that i am just an amateur fan blacksmith, but i need to hear critique from you guys. Even if it will be negative, i need to hear it. Critique  can improve my self-access to do things better. (grammar like a boss :-D).


I made it for an old guy living in my village that gave me 100 kg coal for free.


Cockscrew is made from two different type of steel. Handle is forged from piece of steel that been used as reinforcement of truck bumper (Skoda Liaz). Screw is made from car spring (bmw 7). After i´ve finished the handle, i drilled it over and sticked the screw into. Welded from other side, clened up with angle grinder and again placed into a forge.


For finishing, i used an polishing paste and drill with polishing extension.


I hope you´ll like it.








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Hi Viktor,


Nice corksrew you made there! I really like the handle. 

May I ask its size data? - Its spiral seems a bit oversized but it easily can be the deception of the picturing. Have you tested it?


I've been thinking how could you make the spiral thinner but still strong enough to not deform while using it. Some corksrews have diagonal or thin rhomboid cross section in their spiral. I dunno can I achieve that... When the cross section is circle I think (and experienced) 3 mm is the max dia when making non-dectructive spiral. Just thinking...


Bests and minden jot!



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