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TechnicusJoe style chimney


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By standard side draft concept, I mean that the smoke opening is orientated off to the side of the fire - whether the pipe is horizontal for a short section or vertical is not an issue providing it is proportional for the intended use and draft of the fire.

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It's nothing more than a 3 feet of pipe, 90 degree pipe and then another 3 feet of pipe. The heat creates a draft and pulls the smoke away.
Not all of it as I am outside and if the wind comes from a weird angle (not the top end where smoke comes out, it doesn't seem to affect there.)

I'm under a roof, the extra length is there to stay dry when it rains and catch dust, small bits of coke if they get sucked into the pipe.
The piple is just thin walled but a good flame will make it sound like a jet engine.

Most of the smoke is gone and I don't have black boogers at the end of the day.

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I like the pipe "singing" on my forge too; I just have a 10" diameter spiral seamed  duct pile mounted at about a 60 deg from vertical going out a pre-existing hole in the wall of my shop (the wall was a roof before a hail storm damaged it and I was given the steel roof when it was replaced. The original hole was for a wood stove chimney on the house.)

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I use a side draft.

It works about 50%. That is about 1/2 of the smoke vents outside. The building is a barn. Like an old blacksmith shop. It will only pull in a very small amount of ash. The ash is intended to fall down onto your head thus the hood.........over my head. There is a fan installed inside the flue pipe to create an artificial draft. It still only picks up 1/2 of the smoke.

The vented 40 foot ceiling helps vent out the other 50% of smoke. A quality fire produces little smoke so the smith has control of how much smoke is created. many of the YouTube videos demonstrate how to generate maximum smoke from your forge. That looks cool, but gets old if you smith frequently.

zoar blacksmithing two.JPG


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Block off the roof vent during forging (it's defeating the working of the forge chimney) and loose the chimney cover on the forge chimney. - With a side draft forge there should be no smoke in the shop unless your working large pieces that can block the path of the smoke to chimney opening. You may also have to raise the chimney on the forge so it's above your roof line. Once in awhile I get a down/back draft puff if the wind is just right and strong enough due to the close proximity of the tall trees around my shop but otherwise I have full smoke exhausting with my 12"x12" flue on my side draft forge. You have a good setup - just needs a bit of tweaking for a good forging experience with no smoke.

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