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I Forge Iron

Just picked up my first anvil!

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Finished my introduction to blacksmith class at Kaviar Forge in Louisville last weekend and earlier today I picked up a Cliff Carroll 125lbs off of Craigslist. Should work well for banging on some metal on the weekends. Guy threw in the stand but I am going to build something more substantial. Next on the list is a good forge and vise and then I'll be in business.





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Heck yeah! Way to go! Congrats, that's half the Battle. Looks nice. Open invite still if you can find the time bud.


I am going to take you up on that. Thinks are a bit crazy right now with the holidays coming up  so it may be after the new year.

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Nice clean looking anvil!  If you have a place to put a permanent stand or put a heavier one you could always keep that one for its portability.  If you don't want to keep that stand at all the wood part is still perfectly usable, just build new legs.  Welding strap iron between each leg would probably make the stand considerably stronger structurally.  A solid, immovable stand will make a significant reduction of effort to your work though.

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