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Getting by with a track anvil can be difficult sometimes. I have already created a horn on mine, but getting a hardy hole has been a challenge. I believe having this hole would be a great benefit because you can place different tools in one to achieve different things. I have had a different piece of railroad track, not the track, but a different section that holds the rail timbers. In the video see how I ended up crafting a hardy hole section to hopefully achieve this.


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Area under the track plate hole has been drilled out, Spike can now be modified to fit into the *hardie hole* and be used.

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is it okay to make ypur hardy tools using your anvil or should one use a swage block or a striking anvil


If you are forming the tools at a proper forging heat, use the anvil to create what you need.  That is what the anvil is for.  Use a swage block if you need to form curves in the top part of the tools.  Using the square holes in a swage block can also be used the refine the corners when upsetting the top part. 

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Your anvil is too low. Your back will appreciate you raising it up to the proper working height.


Get a piece of square tubing and place it in a bucket of concrete or otherwise secure it to the ground. Instant hardie hole. 

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