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Champion No. 400 gear shaft

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In the process of reassembling my Champion No. 400 forge blower after tearing it down and cleaning it up, I managed to mess up the end of the large gear shaft and now I can't thread the cone nut on to it.  Does anyone happen to have a spare gear shaft (the one that is 7" long that the large gear fits on to) that they would be willing to sell?  I was hoping someone had a Champion 400 in bad shape that they scavenged parts out of.  I checked eBay and there is nothing there.  


I took it to a machine shop and he said that cutting 1/4 to 1/2 inches off the end was the only option.  Not sure that leaves enough threads on the handle end for the cone nut and top nut.  


I would appreciate any help in finding one.  

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Well, I no longer need a shaft.  I figured out a way to fix my problem.  I ground down the mushroomed section about 1/3 of the way around the end of the shaft at a 45 degree angle.  Then I used a 24 thread per inch file to clean up the threads and the cone nut went on.  I took a chance and it worked.  

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