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wrought bolt

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So if a piece has an appearance of woodgrain, it's likely to be wrought iron? This is a 1 inch bolt 2ft long, wire brushed. Don't know if you can tell from the pics but it appears laminated and grainy. I haven't done the cut and break test on it.
So if these bolts are wrought, what could a person make from them to best use the characteristics to advantage? We have heavier bits, but this is as big as I'm prepared to attempt in my forge. I'm thinking of drawing it out to a decorative fire poker, making the bolt head into a rustic looking knob. Not too much detail, and bit rough looking.
Or this is better - out in the sun:

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Knife guards and pommels.  


With that grainy look, there's no doubt in my mind that it's wrought iron, and not too refined, either.  I'd be very happy with one of those bolts to use for knife guards, pommels and blade stock.  It's also great for fireplace tools, picture/mirror frames, table legs, plant stands, and shelf brackets.


Because you've got such a nice starting size, you could flatten it for wide stock or draw it out.  All depends on how much hammering you want to do.


As wood-like as it appears, I'm betting it will have a very nice grain once you polish it up a bit and etch it with acid.  I was very disappointed to learn that the wrought I have is very refined and as boring as modern steel after an etch.  For knives and jewelry, gnarly is awesome.

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Yup wrought iron; uses: historical reproductions of items that would have been made of wrought iron; ornamental ironwork where you will etch the surface to give it a wood grain appearance; traditionally made tools that had a wrought iron body and a steel working edge laid on.

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I have a couple of bolt pieces that came from a steam engine's boiler.  I made a wraped tomahawk with a 1085 bit out of one.  The hawk and one other developed a blister like bubble in the surface.  I haven't cut into it but it sure looks like the metal delaminated.  The hawk with the feather is from wrought iron while the other is plain steel.  Both have 1085 bits.post-42293-0-52807100-1413570402_thumb.j

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what did the bolt come off of?



I come across these bolts all the time and I think most of them were used in old mining construction. Like for holding large timbers together on poppet legs, tunnel support beams, ore trolley ramps, that sort of thing. Most are about 18" to 2ft long;  some have square heads others are shaped like an eye bolt.

Vaughn: Yes, they would make very decorative table legs with leaves, vines, grapes etc.

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