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blower froozen


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well, im not expert in gears or rust things, but what i'd do is i't hit it with a lot of WD-40 or something like that and let it sit for a while, maybe finlube would work better, just any penetrating oil i think, maybe try to move them a little bit while applying it to help getting it between the gears.

i'd advise you to wait for some more advice from more experienced people rather than running out right now and do this, but i have a feeling that they'll suggest something similar

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If you haven't already, pull the top off so you can see the gears- there might be a bunch of gunk/dried grease etc clogging things- clean it all out, and flush the case with solvent. Then start in with some wd40 or penetrating oil and manually work the gears back and forth. Don't force anything- no wacking it with a hammer. I took apart a blower that had some chipped gear  teeth, and the bits were wedged in, preventing any movement. Also make sure the fan side is clean- mousies and mud daubers can get in there and clog things up. From that side you can try and shift the fan back and forth, gently. Just work at it easy and use the wd40 etc very liberally, and that should do it for you.



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