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Need your Prayers for my Brother in Law


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Could you please say a prayer for my Brother in Law, John Bray.   He had a brain bleed last week and is in ICU at Providence Park Hospital in Novi, Michigan.  He is doing ok and should have the drain tube removed from his head tomorrow.  Please pray for his complete and speedy recovery.  




Woody & Jackie  

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Johnny is doing better, his pain level is down and he was able to set up in a chair for 2 hours today, also watched the Football Game on TV with a couple friends who came by, he was a trainer intern with the Packers a few years ago and he is a big packer fan, the Huge Packer win today gave him a real boost.  He will be in the hospital at least another week if things go well.  It will still be several months before he is able to go back to work.  His boss Dr. Frank Patino, Physician and Author, is setting up a benefit dinner for Johnny as he has no health insurance.  I am donating a Damascus Knife and it will be one of the lesser prizes.  One prize they are auctioning off is a appearance on Peter N. Neilsen TV show Peter Principles.  Thanks for your prayers. 


Woody & Jackie  

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Woody: I missed your original post. Prayers sent from here. I'm very happy he's doing so well. There will be issues so encourage him to seek out support groups, we're out there.


I'm a TBI survivor suffered an intercerebral bleed but am doing pretty well. There are tricks to dealing with issues and we all have funny stories and some real tear jerkers. Sharing helps, REALLY helps.


Brains heal, unlike medical opinion of even just a few years ago brains do heal. The more he works his brain the faster and better it will rewire itself. Get sleep, he's going to NEED to sleep a lot. Don't let anybody tell him sleeping too much is a bad thing. Sleep as much as he needs, brains do some of their best healing asleep. See the following recommendation for a book, Doc Jill knows her stuff.


A pretty good book is "My Stroke Of Insight", by Jill Bolte Taylor Phd. She's literally a brain scientist and suffered a serious stroke. The book is her story of having and dealing with a stroke form the inside with the insight of it being her field of expertise. She's pretty prominent on Ted Talk as well. Helped me a lot, there are some good nuts and bolts tips.


I'll be honored if he taps me for someone to talk to.


All the best.


Frosty The Lucky.

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