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As Jacob says, post drill parts are hard to find. If you want genuine parts you're best to buy another incomplete post drill of the same model, for parts.


While you're waiting for one to come up, you can have a bit of 1/2 inch steel plate profile cut to the approx shape. Drill and tap a hole, fit a threaded rod, with a wingnut at the bottom - and you're in action.


Or make up a pattern and have one cast.


Nice post drill by the way - assuming it's the one listed on vintagemachinery.com on 14th September.


Cheers,  Vann.

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I did a bit of searching on the net last night. It appears your Canedy-Otto No.0 came with different tables at different times. The Canedy-Otto catalogue No.8 shows it with a round table; while their cattledog No.12 shows it with a square slotted table. Neither cattledog is dated :wacko:


post-50372-0-32207700-1411334000_thumb.jpost-50372-0-20482800-1411334056_thumb.jSome pikkies of a No.0 with round table - currently on sale on a certain internet auction site (for far too much IMHO).


post-50372-0-17191100-1411334086_thumb.jA pikkie of a No.0 with square table - from vintage machinery (OWWM) website.


Anyway, back to the catalogues: in case you're interested - Canedy-Otto claim the No.0 will bore holes from 0 to 3/4 inch; reaches to centre of a 12 inch circle; has 2 3/4 inches of spindle travel; and weighs 75 lb.


Cheers,  Vann.

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