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"art nouveau" grilles

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I've always loved that era of architecture. Very well done.



How did you make the connections at the frame? are the frames drilled/punched and the interior bars riveted over, or are they welded? I'm also curious about the frame corners.

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I'm glad you like my work, It's even better when your work is appreciated by the fellow craftsmen.


@DSW - the connections are welded, drilled/punched/riveted would be overkill, and even as they are welded/grinded/filed/finished/burned as you cannot see the welds wasn't easy at all. like always I far surpassed the time expected to spend on them...

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thank you guys.

I like the clean designs. when I design something, I try to find something that makes you feel that it's exactly like that it has to be, that you cannot change nothing, nothing to add, nothing to remove. and usually I go by removing as much features/elements as I can, rather than by adding as much as I can, like a lot of people do. and that's not by laziness, because my way is harder.

a good design has a "perfect flow" and nothing has to stay in it's way.

also, very important for me is the "tactile" aspect of my work, that it has to have synesthetic effect, to make you feel that you could touch it with your eyes.


another feature  of a good design is the "sleep-with-it-under-your-pillow effect".

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