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guillotine hardy tool w/changeable dies, Fullers

David Kailey

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Have a buddy in the smithy for 2 weeks and he is new to "smithing" so we have been tooling, he has limited stuff so I want to send him, home with 20-30 smithing tools and the ability and knowledge to make tools when he returns home.


He wanted a guillotine hardy tool. I did not have one I always made spring fullers for all my needs or top and bottom tools. But we looked at several different ones came up with a simple design. Then we thought hey why not make a half dozen of them to sell cheaply to guys in the club. So off to the scrapyard we went-long trip, its about 200' from the front door of my smithy. $27 later we had what we needed and headed back to the smithy.

Here is Dan and I fitting the pieces for welding



And here I am welding------just in case you may have missed that.




Here is Dan welding in the lower corner of the table you can see the welded piece along with the pieces that make up the entire Guillotine.



Here is the finished product It took us about 3.5 hours to cut all the stock, weld them up, clean and paint them. We made sure to use a readily available stock for the dies that we could get in mild steel and tool steel 





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I think that is an excellent and simple way to get a guillotine tool made.  I was also a spring fuller guy for most of the time I have been smithing but recently purchases a G2 tool and wish I had bought or made one long ago.  I think they are much more accurate than a spring fuller and it is easy to make additional dies.

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