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yet another candle holder

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Every friday I host a blacksmith challenge at our shop. Ever sence a few weeks ago we have been going canldle holder crazy at the shop.

As for this one, I forged the base about two weeks ago and the cup just yesterday. About a year ago nick ireys forge a seires of candle holders for OHI and serveral of them had this two part candle cup. I liked it alot so i used it here. As well the base is something new we have been playing around with.

So have at it. What do you think?




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That is an interesting twist on things.  nice!  a drip tray of some kind would be nice, but the design is cool.  you could take that idea and literally twist the two sides concentrically... or not.  maybe braid them with a third piece that is tenoned into a drip pan that the two holder ends penetrate to hold the candle above the pan... "light bulb" (as said by Gru in despicable me)

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