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Good Morning,


The reality is, you will never acquire ALL MATERIAL AND TOOLS.


Start with what you have, make more tools along the way, write notes and drawings to remind yourself later (in a scribler, sketch book or 3 ring binder). Join a Blacksmith Association in your area (even if you have to drive a few hours to get there). Ask questions while you are there, take pictures and notes. Learn with your eyes and ears. If you show an interest, someone will help you on the journey. There is NO END!! :) :)

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And to add to the above, sit down and read as much of this forum as you can.  Then come back and read more.  And more.  There is a wealth of information here.  Look into a class of basic skills.  Learning good habits right off the bat will save you having to relearn later on.  When you get your basic set-up, practice as much as you can.  Try to make two or more of something as identical as possible.  A good challenge once you get going.  And ask informed questions. 

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