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Can you plate titanium on brass?


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I recently been designing a brass part that I would like titanium coated. I chose titanium for its scratch resistance, non-toxicity (can anyone verify?), and its resistance to corrosion. Since the part I am plating is a mouthpiece for an instrument, these qualities are desirable. Side note: for all brass players out there, I will attempt to coat the rim and inside in silver if I can since I know titanium isnt the softest of metals. But back to the original question: can i titanium plate brass and if so how?

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I have no idea but my guess is it can't be done.Definitely try a test piece first so you don't ruin your item. Most plating materials are soft like copper. Titanium is hard and highly heat resistant. Plating is a chemical process though so I don't know.

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And I was wondering about sputtering as a method of plating.

Now does the price matter? I'd assume most things can be done if you are willing to throw enough cash at them.

Why not gold plating---very non-toxic and inert if you use pure gold and well understood; or just make the item from solid platinum.

I was assuming you are talking about pure Ti and not doing a titanium nitride coating.

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