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You might be a redneck blacksmith

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I am building a demo trailer, helping a friend. Started as a popup, is using a topper from a tanger as the roof and windows and pallet rack uprights as the truss sides. And the friend will be able to sleep in it:)

The trailer has an anvil crane to lift the anvil and stand in and out. Vise on the tongue and forge outside the box in front.

Vitually everything is scrap, or salvage.



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If you can't crank up the forge because the wife needs her blowdryer back to get ready for church.

Bonus points if she uses the dimmer switch.


How's about: You might be a redneck blacksmith if you have to fabricate a new power transfer shaft for your wife's pull-start, Briggs & Stratton makeup sprayer.

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You cut your grass and find two anvils, a power hammer, and a post vise that you didn't know you had.


You list a coal and/or scrap pile as an asset on your home owner's insurance.


There's more often the smell of coal smoke than BBQ in your neighborhood.


Blacksmithing contributes a significant amount of your income but you only have one or two (if that) forged items in your house.


Your wife's favorite piece of jewelry is something you forged.




Your wife would rather you go to the shop than to Gerrods. 

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If you've ever traded blacksmithing tools for livestock, you might be a redneck blacksmith. 


(and by the way, let me tell you how that conversation can go wrong...  "Sir, this may sound funny, but would you be willing to trade it for rabbits or chickens? Sir? Hello?........"  I'd stop except sometimes it works!)


If you've ever worried about a forging burn messing up a tattoo....


If you've ever got in a fight with your wife because a chicken did its business on your swage block........

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My dad borrowed a pair of channel locks from one of our mechanics who had just used them to tighten up battery terminals and reached in and pulled a tooth that was bothering him, dropped the tooth in the trash and handed back the channel locks.   Mechanic came to me and said I owed him a new pair, I asked why and he said he through them in the trash with the tooth.  I gave him mine and got the others out of the trash still use them.  Remember my Dad every time I use them.  Snap on channel locks too good to throw away.   

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The Term "Redneck" is really from back in roughly 1848 or so when the rail workers actually tied a Red Handkerchief or rag around their necks so other folks of like minds would know them upon site they were good folks that were standing up for what was good and right in that time and day. for that time and day it was the Union for better work days,wages,and treatment . the "Rednecks" were marching to the capital hill to be heard for their rights against the Rail Road Company and the RRC were trying to stop them in the Appalachian Mountains. So really it is NOT a bad thing to be Called a Redneck  Gentlemen  ;)


Just a bit of History to chew on and for thought .


Ret,Sgt. Yates


PS YES ! This has happened to one of my tats a good slab of scale/slag flipped up and landed in a fold on my right arm and burned through my Leather Jacket and into my arm destroying my tat.

****If you've ever worried about a forging burn messing up a tattoo....

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