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Buffalo Forge Down Draft 1929???


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Greetings Adeny,


Welcome to IFI...  Take the time to fill in the information on your profile..  We like to know where you are from....  Your forge is not a downdraft... It is a common rivet forge of about the 1900s .. You can tell by the blower ...  Early ones had a ratchet driven blower on the bottom...  I have several forges and you have a good one...  It will serve you well...  Looks like you are burning charcoal..  You will find that although possible to use charcoal it would work best with just coal...   Good luck 



Forge on and make beautiful thing



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Welcome aboard, glad to have you. That's a rivet forge, not a downdraft. Have you clayed the pan? It's a good idea, especially if it has "clay before use" cast in. Cast iron doesn't like differential heating and cooling, the clay will help disperse the intense heat from the fire. I have a rivet forge that's cracked almost all the way across from not being clayed and probably over use of water.


You can deepen and shape the fire with fire brick arranged around the air grate.


While it's nice to know, it's birth date has no bearing on it's utility. There's nothing wrong with wanting to know, I'm not saying there is, I'm just a function trumps cosmetics kind of guy.


Frosty The Lucky.

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