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How do I stop galvanic corrosion between steel and aluminium?


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I have been making a decorative knife out of 1018 cold roll steel. Because my mill is currently unusable, I cannot make the crossbar out of steel (the design is too complicated for other tools). I decided that casting it out of aluminium would be the next best option. However, steel and aluminium together create a risk of galvanic corrosion. After some research, it seems the best solution would be to use aluminium 2017, 2024, or 2117, since it is very close to 1018 on the galvanic series. I also plan to insulate the two metals with rubber. My question: Will this stop the corrosion?

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How do you stop galvanic corrosion? Don't let it start.


Knives have been made with all sorts of different metal combinations for thousands of years, and it has never been a problem as long as they were properly maintained. Keep it clean. I don't mean wiping it on your pants leg after gutting a deer, I mean CLEAN! Build it tight so that water and blood can not seep into the joints, oil and wax the materials, and don't store the blade in the sheath for long periods.


All a wall hanger needs is a coat of car wax to keep the fingerprints from ruining it, unless you live on a barge.

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One thing we use in the electrical field I work in, is a product called "No-lox" it looks like nickel powder in a vasolene base,  coat the contact points,  to prevent the action.  You should be able to find it in  box stores electrical section, or electrical wholesalers of course.

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