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Oh the simple things in Life


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In this time of Crisis I went home frustrated yesterday at the stupidity of Mankind, and taped to the front door was a omnious piece of white plastic. Upon further investigation I discovered that it was indeed a preggy test... With two stripes in the indicator. When I revealed my ignorance of such omens to the DG she laughed and stated,"Well silly, it means I'm Pregnant!" Oh what power That statement has. I was completely pole axed....Now I know GOD has definately got a sense of humor! BTW my first born turns 1 yr old the 5th of this month :shock:
Ya'll becareful out there now. Also be careful of how much good smelly stuff you apply after cleaning up, It Always Leads to Trouble!
Joshua Langfitt

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Congradulations !!

For those of us that have been there, your story brings back memories. Somehow the words are most always the same, "Your what ?!?" followed by celebration and responsibility. Again best wishes.

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