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Handles for sliding doors

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After about a year at the anvil, this is one of the first projects I have done for use in our home.  We have older, heavy sliding glass doors leading outside from our kitchen. After buying replacements for a couple of broken handles, I decided it was time to replace them with something that could hold up to our teenage kids.


The final fit was a little tricky inside of the hollow core door. The core had a 1 Inch openeing, so I took 3/4 Inch square stock, drilled and tapped it, and bolted each handle to it inside the core. Worked nicely.


The bolts used were standard hex heads that I first ground off the markings on the heads with a quick pass on the belt sander, then heated and squared at the anvil.





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Lemme tell ya sump'in 'bout dem short people dat come ta live wit ya, ..... ( if yer not keerful ..... )


They are naturally gifted as "Product Testing & Application Verification" personnel.


They WILL show you where the weaknesses and Design Defects lie, ... within ANY system.



The trick to taking proper remedial action, ... is in preventing a condition where each successive repair, serves to "move" the weak point, to some other, more difficult to repair component.



Basically, ... start thinking about how to build a stronger door.  :D





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A pair of very classy looking door handles there, Eddie. And robust enough for the teenage onslaught.
Your comment about this being one of the first project you have done for your own home is something we can all relate to. Reminds me of the old adage:

“The blacksmith’s horse and the cobbler’s wife are the last to receive shoes.”

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I started making a set of gates to stop the kids getting on the road, well before my eldest daughter was born, she's now 13 and the gates are still at work and unfinished.  One day.




Not a problem, ... just get them installed in time to corral the inevitable Grandkids.  ;)

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