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Centaur Forge Air Gate


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In A previous post I asked for help plumbing  my ducks foot to an electric blower. Many said that I needed an air gate versus a rheostat. I thought I could get away with the rheostat, but the response was slow and I don't think the fan was blowing as hard as it does wired directly. I was going to make an air gate but with the price for a centaur forge air gate being 14 bucks I figured I would give it a try.


This is just and FYI for the way I went about it. I only post this to help anyone else just starting out like I am.

I looked online and could not find clear instructions. Not that I am going to do any better, but I thought I would throw up pics as a guide.


I went to a local muffler shop and picked up a used 3 foot piece of 3 inch exhaust pipe for a whopping 2 bucks. the 3 inch pipe was a perfect fit. I think I will use short self tapping sheet metal screw to secure it.






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I hadn't thought of muffler pipe. I'd been playing around trying to set one of those up on my forge, but finding material the right size to get all the parts fitted up has kept it low on my priority list. I may have to pull it all back out next weekend and look it all over again.

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Yes the muffler pipe is nice and light. It's easy to work with. A bitch to weld, for me any way. I used spot welding to get the flange on. Check your local muffler shop. They probably would be happy to help. Especially when they here it's for a forge. A lot of people think it's pretty cool. I would go with a local owned shop versus a chain.

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