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Blower locked up and disassemble directions


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I could not find how to search the forum from mobile. I have a champion 400 that has been sitting for 5 yrs. I poured a couple cups of diesel fuel in it. Let it sit for an hour. Then try to turn it. Rough turning. Added some ATF. Let it sit for an hour. Turned better. Lit a fire. Ran for about 1/2 of forging then locked up. Tore apart blower. Looks like brass / bronze? Gear that meshes with worm gear is wavy like a potatoe chip.

Problem is trying to remove the two gears in housing. Do you just press them out? Thanks for all your help?

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Both of the big gears are held on to their shafts by a square head setscrew. The wide, straight toothed, steel gear should come out pretty easy, I never did manage to remove the worm gear from mine. Are you sure the worm gear is warped, or could it be slop in the shaft / bushings causing it to wobble? If the gear is warped, you may be able to straighten it in place but you would need to be gentle in the thumping or you could break the gear or housing.

There is a lot of really good information in this section of the forums on the Champion 400's, even a copy of the diagram from the patent application. Take some time and do the research before attempting the repair. These beautiful old blowers are worthy of being rescued and returned to service. At worst case, people always need parts for their rebuilds.

Good luck.

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