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As the weather has started to warm up I've been messing around with some very basic smithing. It's been a blast so far!


I've got a forge built out of some pipe and an old truck rotor. Its tiny and limits what I can do but it works for right now. I've been forging about two months now and for most of that time have been using a 1' length of i-beam as an anvil. That too, felt very limiting and just this week I bought a 70 lb cliff carroll wide face. I know it isn't an ideal blacksmithing anvil but the price was fantastic and its loads better than what I had. Plus I'm just making small things for now and its portable. 


I've really enjoyed this forum and figured I might as well start posting!



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Welcome to IForgeIron.


You have just confirmed what we try to suggest.

Get started and upgrade as it becomes available.


Enjoy the new journey. It can last a lifetime if you want.

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Welcome aboard Dylan. It's a common misconception there is such a thing as the ideal blacksmithing tool. Sure some are better suited than others for the person, job, work space, etc. but ideal is a dream.


That anvil is so much better than the first couple I used regularly. Then again none of my starters were so . . . ungood as a piece of I Beam. <shudder> Aw, just funnin you, one of the marks of a real blacksmith is being able to use what you have AND always keeping the eyes open for something better, glomming onto it and never, NEVER getting rid of the old stuff.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! The i-beam was nailed and strapped down so it didn't move and as long as you were right over the quarter inch vertical section it wasn't so bad  :D


And yes, we have fishermen lining the banks of the mighty Big Walnut. It is most certainly the time of the white bass.

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