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So I have made a couple knives by stock removal, tried a little bit of cable and patterned welded stuff. My next attempt was going to be trying some can welding. My question was regarding the powdered steel used to fill in all the nooks and cranny's.


At work the other day I has walking by the shot blast as they were adding new shot and happened to read the label on the drum. Its a hyper-eutectic steel shot which as I recall essentially means somewhere above .7% carbon. Its a pretty fine mesh size, and we have literally tons of the stuff around. Does this sound worthwhile, or will I be wasting my efforts?


I'm tempted to try dropping a piece of mast lift chain into a tube, adding as much of this as I can while compacting it with a needle scaler, and welding it out this weekend. Might make a big mess, or wind up with something interesting, never know unless I try.


Thoughts or comments?



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You may wish to compute the carbon content in the finished billet..That would require you know the carbon content of the chain. Think of it this way: if the chain has 4 pts of carbon in it and it takes up half the space of the can...The shot blast media you say has 7 pts...those add up to 5.5 pts carbon...right at the bottom end of carbon needed to make a usable blade. the carbon content for the chain is strictly a wild guess on my part to point out how to predict a little bit of wot you may get at the end...

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