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Help ID this big anvil?

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Hey all,


I am looking at an anvil this guy is selling. It has a large face - 21" x 6" face, 36" total length, 1-1/2" hardie and rings like a bell.


I went to check it out and I couldn't find any markings that were faded beyond just making out little parts.


One identifying part is a number 9 (or perhaps 6?) is stamped near the heal.


Any ideas on what it could be?


Listed at $1100 - thoughts on price?




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Rebound felt alright. He had it outside, and to prevent it from rust painted the surface. It really hasn't been touched much.. the entire face is painted, which doesn't help the rebound...


Nonetheless.. With the paint, it was fairly good.

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If the stand is included in that price, I'd snatch it up.  It's a bit high for my tastes, but it's not every day you run across a factory stand.  That's only going to help its performance, and you can always put some wood blocks under it to bring it up to a comfortable height for you.


Probably weighs between 300 and 350 without the stand.  The ring can be killed by bedding the anvil in some silicone caulk.  $3/lb for an anvil in that condition and size is a good deal in my book.  Getting the stand for another $200 is gravy on the biscuits.

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Update - I got the anvil :)


Wire brushed top, beautifully done, the rebound is very good compared to my Vulcan. Hammer feels like a bouncey ball found the forge line a bit down the anvil. 


Scaled the stand at 207 lbs.


Scaled the anvil, but it was overloaded (scale max of 400 lbs) so will need to wait on that to find out the exact size.


I wirebrushed where the letters were before, took a picture - see attached. I can only make out the "Warranted" and "USA".. Above that is hard to tell.


Thanks all for the advice and quick responses :) Bonus picture attached.



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Thanks George! It did :)


Thomas - I'll get a shot of the bottom later on, I did feel for a depression and couldn't make one out by hand (and looking at the bottom I couldn't make one out either)


There is I believe another handling hole right underneath, smack dab in the center of the bottom.

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I've got a similarly shaped  anvil with the same stand, but no markings at all, no handling holes, either. Weighs 396 pounds, but the dimensions don't jive with the HB catalogue. Mines got a face plate...does yours?

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